Labor Day Sale – CBD Oil 15% Off + FREE SHIPPING!

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy our store-wide Labor Day sale, get high-quality CBD oil 15% off + free shipping until September 7th! Relieve all that inflammation build-up from all the hard work you’ve been doing for this country. Be sure to … Continue Reading

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Is Hemp/CBD Good For Athletes? What Athletes Should Know

What Athletes Should Know About Hemp/CBD Have you ever questioned if you could take hemp as an alternative supplement for your workouts? Athletes around the world are continually looking for supplements that’ll help them have more energy during their training … Continue Reading

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March Wellness Sale!

MARCH WELLNESS SALE! CBD On Sale/Discount In this March Wellness Sale, we thank you all for those that have supported us thus far and spreading the benefits of CBD to change peoples lives for the better. We hope to keep going in … Continue Reading

The DEA Finalizes Approval For Synthetic Cannabis

The DEA Finalizes Approval For Synthetic Cannabis The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has approved a synthetic form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) as a Schedule II controlled substance. THC, an active component in Cannabis that makes people have the “high” feeling. … Continue Reading

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This Box Will Change The Way You CBD.

Summit CBD Releases Their CBD Sample Box With A Mission To Take CBD To The Next Level It’s finally here, a box to change the CBD experience. Summit CBD is proud to announce that our unique, CBD Sample Box is … Continue Reading