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Can Hemp CBD Help Athletes? What Athletes Should Know About CBD

What Athletes Should Know About Hemp CBD Have you ever questioned if you could take hemp as an alternative supplement for your workouts? Athletes around the world are continually looking for supplements that’ll help them have more energy during their … Continue Reading

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March Wellness Sale!

MARCH WELLNESS SALE! CBD On Sale/Discount In this March Wellness Sale, we thank you all for those that have supported us thus far and spreading the benefits of CBD to change peoples lives for the better. We hope to keep going in … Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared To Try CBD and How It Works Differently Than THC

What is THC and CBD? While THC is the most popular compound in the cannabis plant, CBD(cannabidiol) is the non-hallucinogenic Cannabinoid. The “high,” feeling that happens when people consume cannabis has a specific and well-known compound called, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or “THC,” However, … Read More

This Republican Is Demanding For CBD To Be Rescheduled

This Republican Is Demanding For CBD To Be Rescheduled A Republican member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Morgan, has submitted two pieces of legislation that would fundamentally alter the ways in which cannabis is approached by the federal government. … Continue Reading