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Summit CBD Releases Their CBD Sample Box With A Mission To Take CBD To The Next Level

It’s finally here, a box to change the CBD experience. Summit CBD is proud to announce that our unique, CBD Sample Box is now available for purchase. This Summit CBD Sample Box has been handcrafted to boost the Summit CBD experience to the next level.

Why did we create the CBD box?

The goal of this box is to make different CBD products accessible and affordable. Removing all guesswork on countless of other items.

As the use of Cannabis products grows and the social view of Cannabis transmutes, we still strive to raise awareness of the benefits of CBD and bring the power of CBD into the hands of thousands, with our ultimate goal of relieving countless of people from prescription drugs.We thought how we could encourage the use of CBD to people who are skeptical through an elegantly designed, and conveniently sized box. We added product descriptions to engage and educate any CBD user or CBD beginner on our products and their benefits.

We believe that CBD can be remarkably fruitful when utilized in different ways, so we featured our various products with their unique methods of dosing CBD to produce the ultimate CBD experience and help clients reach their “hemp entourage.”

Okay, but why a box?

We believe that having an easy to use and store CBD box would be the best experience we could provide for our costumers. Allowing them to gift this box to friends or family with ease, or utilize it for personal use and conveniently store their Summit CBD products. All while introducing what we believe is our top performing and essential CBD items.

We saw this as an opportunity for people to be able to give the gift CBD to family members who have been skeptical or are worried about the use of Cannabis products effects. In the efforts of bringing a sense of professionalism and elegance to our products and help ease the tension and worry most first-time cannabis users often have.

What does it contain?

This CBD Sample Box has a total of 950mg of naturally grown, high-quality CBD In this CBD box you will find:cbd sample box

  • 1 – 500mg CBD Isolate Tincture at 15ml
  • 2 – 25mg Delicious, Gluten Free, Vegan-Friendly, Organic CBD Gummies
  • 1 – Summit CBD Pain Cream 2oz Container with 100mg CBD
  • 12 – 15mg Summit CBD Tablets

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The best way to use these different products

Tincture – This product excels in almost instant CBD delivery, combined with the MTC molecules to boost the effectiveness of CBD.
Pain Cream – CBD lotion is ideal for concentrated body areas. Rub about two fingers on the desired body part for the calmness sensation of CBD.
Tablets – Best took early in the day to begin a steady CBD dosage or 45 minutes before bed to utilize the calming effects of CBD.
Gummies – Use these mouthwatering gummies as a CBD treat, midday to assist your endocannabinoid system when you need a CBD boost.

What makes this product so unique?

  • 950mg of CBD total
  • Under 50$
  • Features multiple CBD dosing methods
  • Made from Ultra premium CBD Isolate



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