Our Story

Better, is our mission. Better products, Better life.


Who is Summit?

Kirk Jordan is Co-Founder of Summit CBD. With over ten years experience working as a chef in top restaurants in Colorado, he has used his passion for creation and transmuted to crafting some of the top quality products in the CBD world.
Kirk’s initial passion was Skiing, being a the slopes before he had even mastered walking, he started skiing competitively throughout high school and had begun his path to become professional. He would spend hours and hours mastering his skill. “I would have like to imagine that skiing would have been my life.” However, Kirk’s Skiing career was brought to an end after a tragic accident that made him have multiple surgeries.


“After two major surgeries, one a year after the incident and another two years after that, it stills feels as if it has been severed sometimes. I have, what amounts to 95-year-old, arthritis at the age of 27.”

Restoring his regular life with CBD

That was when Kirk’s passion for CBD came to life, after being hooked and treated with opiates, he found that the side effects were extremely uncomfortable. Everyday life was constant pain. That is until he found out about CBD and certain Cannabis strains that had a high content of CBD were helping him deal with his pain and restoring his wellness. He soon was able to function without being in constant pain.

“CBD has helped me function without being in pain. It has replaced all of the pain relievers in my medicine cabinet. I strongly believe that CBD could help restore people’s wellness and increase the quality of daily life.”

With that statement in mind is how Summit CBD functions day in and day out, as we strive to increase the quality of our products to help increase the quality of lives and increase awareness of naturally powerful substance known as CBD.