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In this March Wellness Sale, we thank you all for those that have supported us thus far and spreading the benefits of CBD to change peoples lives for the better. We hope to keep going in the right direction and one day removes cannabis from the schedule I drug list. To show appreciation for everyone that supports cannabis as a whole, we will be putting a 15% sale on items every week until the end of the month! We hope that CBD has helped you in some way or another no matter where you’ve purchased it. Your healthy well-being is our pride and joy!

Thank you again,

Summit CBD Team



March Wellness Schedule

March 1st – April 1st (15% Off)

March 8th – April 1st (15% Off)


March 15th – April 1st (15% Off)

March 22nd – April 1st (15% Off)

March 26th – April 1st (Free Shipping)



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