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Posted by Summit CBD on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz on CBD

CBD oil continues to be a topic of significant discussion amongst some high profile celebrities. Joe Rogan has been a famous face amongst Cannabis fanatics and has opened countless of eyes to his followers.

In this clip derived from “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz discuss CBD oil. The video starts off with Joey eating some CBD edibles(Unspecified as to which). Joe asks how many MG his edibles have, unaware that Joey is consuming CBD infused edibles he is shocked at the fact that Joey could consume three edibles in one go. “You just chewing these! You just threw two of them in your mouth.” “How are you doing that? How can you do that? How does your body hold up?” says Joe. Joey admits to the edibles containing CBD oil. CBD oil has been claimed to have countless of benefits and Joey has been a long time user for a while now.


So what are the uses of CBD?


The uses of CBD have been bountiful and more and more continue to appear as the use of CBD continues to grow. “Every time I look up benefits they tell you one more, you read now it prevents dementia.” says Joey, “They’ve been hiding this S%# from America.” CBD is legal in almost every state now. CBD uses and benefits are getting discovered at a phenomenal rate.

Joey mentions how he uses CBD tincture drops, after coming home from a long day, he says he feels like his feet feel swollen. “I do three or four of those drops, and the next day I’m ready to rock again.” Tincture drops are one of the most popular ways to consume CBD allowing the body to absorb and digest it quickly. There are so many ways to take CBD in the video Joey was consuming some edibles. 


“That CBD oil is supposed to be amazing for inflammation.” says Joe, “It’s a terrible thing that they kept illegal for so long,” Joey adds on to say how he wasn’t familiar with this type of medicine till he moved to Boulder. He claims how “Boulder is the home of that stuff.”

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People still skeptical about CBD use?


As good as CBD may be, many people have yet to try any CBD products. Joe Rogan states, “Because Pot has been illegal, they haven’t been able to give people CBD oil. It has low levels of THC; you’ll test positive for THC with a lot of it.” However, CBD growth and extraction technology are advancing, and there are products now with a tiny percentage of THC. With CBD Isolates show only .01% of THC which will make testing positive for THC difficult.


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