FDA Ask For Input From CBD Users


As more and more people become aware of the benefits and uses of CBD (cannabidiol) and adapt it as a dietary supplement. The medical benefits and components of cannabis have not gone by unnoticed by the Federal Government. Last year there was an attempt in classifying CBD as a Schedule I controlled substance. There seems to be as a second thought on what CBD is and can do. As discussions and the popularity of CBD raise the FDA and DEA seem to be a conflicted opinion of the wonderful and powerful substance known as CBD.

CBD gets declared “Beneficial

As many of you already know about the Non-psychoactive use of CBD. The FDA is requesting help as they call out for comments in Monday Morning’s Federal Register. They are wanting more information about CBD, so they can figure out how to categorize cannabidiol(CBD). With this, the FDA acknowledged the ‘beneficial’ effects CBD has shown in patients with neurological disorders.

As Leafly reports all of those who have information on, or experience with the use of CBD, as healing substances can leave their comments on this federal website.
There is a deadline which falls on Sept. 13 after that date any information submitted electronically or written will not be considered.

So as the truth about CBD continues to sprout, will you be on the train to natural relief or against the use of them?

Thank you for your support and we hope to encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with CBD while you still can.

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