Summit CBD Gummies (Isolate)- 4pack


4 pack- 25mg each CBD Gummies available in Orange, Grape, Watermelon, Lemon, and Fruit Punch variations.



Summit CBD Gummies (Isolate)- 4pack

Our CBD Gummies (CBD edibles) are the best on the market! They are vegan, organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. Our gummies come packed with 25mg of 99.9% Pure organically grown CBD derived from top quality Colorado hemp. We have five delicious flavors they come in packs of four. Order yours today! No Oily Taste, No Hemp flavor! Delightful wellness!

We recommend consuming mid-day for a sweet treat to aid in relaxation and wellness. These High Dosage gummies are made from scratch and packaged fresh to preserve the famously delicious taste!

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take while pregnant or expecting to become pregnant.


Organic Corn Syrup, Organic Sugar, Pectin, Purified Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Flavor, Natural and Artifical Color, CBD Isolate 


What are the claimed benefits of using CBD?

Here is a list of the benefits. Click Here

Does CBD show up in a drug test?

CBD is not a psychoactive compound, it is entirely safe to use and will not show up on a drug test.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. It has recently gained massive support from people touting its benefits. Recently, CBD oil and CBD infused products have become an accepted means of relaxation, and the substance’s popularity is rising rapidly. You can find more information here.

Does CBD oil get you high?

We only use hemp plants as they do not produce THC. CBD is nonpsychoactive meaning you will not get the feeling “high” effect.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD can be taken in many ways, some of the most popular ways to consume CBD is orally through Drops/Tincture Format or concentrated pills. Many people would rather enjoy a higher dosage candy, such as our famous CBD Candy Gummies. Oral methods are known to be fast acting when first held under the tongue to have the CBD oil absorbed in the mouth before swallowing. This is important due to some of the CBD taken will be broken down in the digestive system. Recommended dosage varies per person and on the desired use of CBD. Feel free to send us a message with more further questions and or concerns on the uses of CBD.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Unfortunately, we do not ship our products outside of the US. We are, however, able to ship all throughout the US, except for Alaska due to the state’s regulations on CBD

Where can I buy CBD oil online?

We here at Summit CBD sale various products containing CBD. These products all legal to ship to all states of the USA except Alaska.



Isolate Gummy-
The Tastiest way to consume CBD. Our Gummies have been reviewed as the best CBD gummy out right now! Not only are they tasty but each one is packed with top of the line CBD.
Overall Wellness- suggested serving size is one gummy cut in half, each half to be taken at different times during the day. One-half with breakfast, the other half to be taken midday to regulate our body continually. Increase dosage to 2 gummies a day as tolerance increases.
To Improve Quality of Sleep-(This product does not make you drowsy or create tiredness in any way)
1/2 of a gummy to be taken 45 minutes before bed. Will best assist our body to enter the desired REM sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Product pairing recommendation of our Tincture Oil Drops to be taken 15 minutes before bed for the best result.
Pain Management- 2 gummies consumed daily, 1 in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 in the afternoon suggested 2 hours before bed. Recommended product pairing of, Tincture Oil drops during mid-day for fast-acting CBD dosages and fastest relief. If the pain is chronic, then we suggest a pairing of our CBD Pain Cream.
To Assist with Anxiety- 1 gummy taken in the morning will best help with overall wellness. Recommended product pairing of our CBD Isolate Tablets to slowly increase CBD dosageand moderate our body throughout the day.

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