What can CBD do for Arthritis?

What can CBD do for Arthritis?

Arthritis and joint pain infographic
Arthritis and joint pain infographic

In recent years, we’ve begun to learn more about the benefits and uses of cannabidiol (CBD), and the inclusion of this cannabinoid in arthritis treatment has increasingly become a topic of discussion and study.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 54 million Americans have doctor-diagnosed arthritis, and it is the leading cause go disability among adults in the United States.

Those with heart disease or diabetes are at an even higher risk of being diagnosed with arthritis.

CBD has been known to work with the endocannabinoid system to affect pain and inflammation, and studies are showing that these benefits could make CBD a useful option for arthritis treatment.

The most common types of arthritis are Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA). RA affects the immune system and causes inflammation and swelling in a person’s joints, often in the hands and feet. OA is a degenerative disease that affects bones and cartilage in the joints, most commonly in hip, knee and thumb joints.

In both cases, the wear and tear that happens at the joints result in discomfort, pain, and swelling that can potentially be alleviated through CBD application.

To date, studies have only been conducted on animals, but they have shown promising results that CBD could have the ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation in humans.

Due to current FDA restrictions, CBD’s only approved use for human treatment is for two rare cases of epilepsy.

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Studies to date:

Endocannabinoid System
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  • 2006 – Sativex study suggests an additional benefit of arthritis relief; Sativex contains both THC and CBD
  • 2008 – CBD’s mechanism of action implies a possible role in chronic pain management
  • 2011 – CBD reduces inflammatory pain in rats through interactions with CB2 and pain receptors
  • 2014 – Review of CBD studies to date shows CBD could be an effective treatment for OA
  • 2016 – topical application of CBD had potential to relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis
  • 2017 – CBD could be safe, useful treatment for OA joint pain

Due to current FDA restrictions, there is still a lack of conclusive evidence proving the efficacy of treatment in humans, and we must rely on anecdotal and the suggestive body of research for guidance.

How to implement CBD into your Arthritis Treatment Regiment:

As every person’s body and endocannabinoid system are different, different CBD amounts will be needed depending on your specific conditions.

We recommend starting with a smaller dose and adjusting accordingly.

You can try vaporizing CBD concentrates, rubbing balms and topical oils on affected areas, or eating infused products such as tinctures as part of your daily diet.

In addition to CBD’s potential effects on pain receptors and inflammation, it has also been found to help stimulate appetite, suppress anxiety, and even help mitigate the adverse side effects of cannabis treatments.

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