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As dog owners ourselves, we’d never want to see our beloved friends in any form of pain or suffering. That is why we use CBD for pet tinctures to help reduce their discomfort as much as possible.

Here are 3 top reasons why CBD is worth using for your dog/pets.

1. CBD For Pet Anxiety
In recent studies, scientists have found that around 80% of hemp extract customers reported that hemp products had reduced their pet’s anxiety by a significant amount.

2. CBD For Pets With Joint Inflammation
A dog’s joints work the same way humans do. In a recent study, scientists have found that the use of hemp extract has shown to fight inflammation in the joints by stimulating the pathways of CB2 receptors.

3. CBD For Pets With No Appetite
Dogs lose their appetite for many reasons. Although the exact mechanism is still unknown, studies show hemp extract oil stimulates appetite.

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Dosing Guide by CBDschool.com

“Here is a good dosing strategy we learned from veterinarian Dr. Robert J Silver:

Range of dosing: 0.05 mg per lb twice daily to 0.25 mg per lb twice daily

Tier 1: 0.05 mg per lb of bodyweight is the low end

Tier 2: 0.125 mg per lb of bodyweight is the middle ground

Tier 3: 0.25 mg per lb of bodyweight is the high end.”

“How Much Cbd Should I Give My Pet? ” Youtube, CBDschool

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